Online Pharmacy and Store Is Up and Running!

Our Online Pharmacy and Store has been available for the past 2 weeks and so far has been well received! As with any new venture there is a learning curve but it has been a smooth transition. The technical help from Vetsourse has been great and we are getting much better at using the system. When you use our online pharmacy/store, drop us an email and let us know how it went for you. We value your input as it enables us to better serve your needs. Vetsourse has told us that they hope to broaden the product line in the future possibly expanding into other supplies such as leashes, collars, crates, and other equipment. Our online Pharmacy and Store is just one more tool that we are pleased to provide to you, our valued clients, so that you receive the best in customer service and your pets receive the highest possible care to maintain their health and well being.