Cats Core Health Needs

Complete Physical Exam

Diagnostic Health Screens

Environmental Enrichment

Proper Diet

Dental Care


Heartworm Prevention

Flea Prevention


Complete Physical Examination:

A complete physical examination is one of the best tools for early detection is disease processes. This allows us to diagnose and treat your pet before serious damage occurs. During the exam we will check for presence of ear mites, fleas, ticks, lice, mange as well as looking for any evidence of ringworm.

Diagnostic Health Screens:

Feline Leukemia and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (AIDS) Testing: You have just acquired your new bundle of fur. Did you know that it could be harboring two viruses that are fatal to cats? If you have other cats at home it is critical that you isolate your new kitten or cat from your others until it has been tested and found to be free of Leukemia and FIV viruses. Both these diseases are directly transmissible between cats and once infected there is no cure and it is eventually fatal to your cat! The test is a very quick and relatively painless blood test performed in our office at your initial visit. Do not risk the health and well being of your pets by failing to keep these fatal diseases out of your home. The feline leukemia and FIV viruses are unique to cats. These are not to be confused with the diseases affecting humans.

Fecal Examination: Cats and kittens commonly carry gastrointestinal parasites (worms) that are not always visible to the owner. These worms live inside your pet and produce eggs that are discharged in the stool. These eggs “hatch” and become infective in the soil and some may reside on your pet’s hair. People coming into contact with these infective forms of worms can also become infected as well. It can lead to serious illness, including blindness, depending upon the parasite that infects you. Annual examination of your cat’s feces (stool) is critical to detect these parasites and to treat appropriately to remove them is a must for the protection of your pet and your family.

Age Appropriate Health Screens: Although the adage 1 year of a cat’s life equals 7 of a human is not exactly correct it does relay this important fact, our cats age much faster than we do. With this in mind we now know that even in younger dogs there may be early signs of organ failure or disease that, if caught early, can be treated. As with humans, cats can also have inherited disease processes that can be treated as well when diagnosed early. We will help you formulate a plan for age appropriate testing that will help maximize the enjoyment you experience with your pet.

Environmental Enrichment:

Environmental enrichment is very important for the mental and physical health of your pet. It relieves stress, boredom, and anxiety and can prevent destructive behavior by your cat including litter box avoidance problems. We can help you design a rich environment for hours of enjoyment for your cat.

Proper Diet:

Cats are “obligate carnivores” which means their metabolism requires they eat a meat diet. Proper nutrition early in life can avoid many diseases later in life such as diabetes and hypertension. We will assist you in nutritional planning for cat through each life stage to meet its nutritional demands.

Dental Care:

Dental disease and tooth loss are a leading cause of serious illness and death in cats. Regular dental checkups and proper dental care maintain your cats teeth and help to avoid serious damage caused by diseased teeth and gums. We provide a complete line of dental service for you and your pet.


Vaccinations are an important part of the overall health plan but there are also risks associated with vaccinations. Our approach is to maximize the health benefit to your cat while minimizing the risks associated with vaccination. We will formulate the best plan for your pet based upon environmental and life style risk factors. Most cats do not need annual vaccinations!

Heartworm and Flea Prevention:

Cats get heartworms too! Heartworm disease is a serious threat to all cats and all cats need protection. We will fully explain the risk your cat faces and the steps to take to prevent this silent killer.  Fleas carry a number of parasites that can infect your cat and cause serious illness and death.  Year round prevention is recommended to fully protect your pet.

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