Crown Point Vet offers unique services

Here at Oak Hill Animal Clinic, we offer unique veterinary services for Crown Point, IN.

Did you know that there is a new protocol provided by the American Veterinary Medical Association, for vaccinating your dog or cat? They are recommending vaccinating every 3 years for the core vaccines. The reason…we have been over vaccinating our pets. It has been discovered that the core vaccines last much longer than one year and that giving vaccinations that are not needed can overstimulate the immune system and may lead to diseases such as allergies, auto-immune diseases and even cancer. In many dogs the core vaccines will last for 7 – 9 years, it is unknown which dogs will be protected for that long, which is why we offer titer testing.

A titer test is a simple blood test that determines the level of antibodies present in your dog. Antibodies are what protect your dog from the diseases that your dog is vaccinated against. If there is a level of antibodies then your dog is protected if not then your dog needs to be revaccinated. We offer titer testing for a reasonable cost, less than a full compliment of vaccine booster, because your dog deserves the best wellness care that can be provided.

Also unique to our Crown Point office is Dr. Daniel Beatty, a certified Animal Chiropractor. Dr Beatty is a veterinarian with 12 years experience in chiropractic care and is one of only 600 certified animal chiropractors in the world. He specializes in canine sport medicine however he does treat many pets for injuries and chronic conditions such as hip dysplasia, chronic disc disease and arthritis. The goal is to make the animal feel more comfortable and improve the health of the nervous system by improving the movement and flexibility of the joints and spine.

We also offer state of the art radiology with the use of our digital xray unit. The quality of standard xray units does not compare with the amazing capabilities and quality of digital xrays. The clarity and convenience of digital radiographs are what makes providing this service a must for any high quality veterinary practice. If a consult is needed we can easily place the images on a disc and mail it off, we can give you a copy of the images, or for the most convenience we can place them on a secure website for the consulting veterinarian to view them.

I am sure you can see we offer some very unique services not only here in Crown Point but for any veterinary practice. Schedule an appointment today and Experience the Difference!

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