Dog Park our recommendation

This entry is submitted by one of my receptionists, Betsy Kubisz.  Thanks Betsy!

Spring is almost here, so it’s time to start getting outside with your dog…..and there’s a great way to do that – at a dog park!

Not only will your friendly pooch get some good socializing in, but YOU will too! You can meet other people who love dogs, so it’s a good outing for you and your pet.

 Dog parks require that your dog be current on vaccinations. Our veterinarians here, at Oak Hill Animal Clinic, recommend that your dog also be given the Leptospirosis & Bordetella vaccines, to be fully protected. Plus, they should be on a flea/tick prevention program, so they don’t bring home parasites from the park. Each park also has rules to follow and most have membership fees, so contact them or look them up on the internet for more information.

 There are four dog parks in NorthWest Indiana to choose from…

  1. “Dogwood Run” at Lake County Park’s Lemon Lake Park in Cedar Lake (off 133rd Ave.)
  2. “Freedom Bark Park” at Lowell Parks & Recreation’s Freedom Park in Lowell (off Cline Ave.)
  3. “The Dog Park” at Munster Parks & Recreation’s Centennial Park in Munster (off Calumet Ave.)
  4. “Dog Run” at Wicker Memorial Park in Highland (off Indianapolis Blvd.)

 If you’ve ever seen dogs frolic at one of these types of parks, you’ll know how satisfying it is to see them enjoying themselves so completely! It’s well worth the trip! One caveat is that you need to watch the surroundings. You are entering the dog park at your own risk and although your dog may be wonderful with other dogs there may be dogs at the park that are not.

For most the dog park is fun, so spring is coming so it is time to have some outdoor fun!

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