Don't get caught DWWD!

A DWWD? Driving With Windows Down.

Finally warmer weather has hit Northwest Indiana and although it is safe for us humans to be driving with the windows of our cars down, it is not safe for our pets. Oh we have all seen it the dog hanging its head outthe car window while your driving down the road and the dog loves it. Well sometimes we need to protect those that do not know any better. Besides being unsafe if your dog happens to jump out of the moving car, speeds as low as 5 mph can cause serious injury, it is very unsafe for their eyes. Bugs, small debris and even just the wind can cause a corneal tear (scratch on the eye) or worse puncture of the eye. This can cause a serious emergency situation and your dog may lose its sight and even the eye itself.

While driving it is best to keep the windows only cracked so the dog can not stick its head out the window or jump out. If you have power windows, be sure to lock them so that your dog can not accidently open the windows by stepping on the switch.

To be honest the best way to travel with your dog in the car is confined. The dog should either be in a restraining device (doggie seat belt) or in a crate while you are driving. You keep yourself buckled up for safety you should do the same for your dog. That way you can have the windows open safely without worrying about your dogs eyes or it jumping out of a moving car.

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