Halloween–Beware of "Spooky" Treats!!!

(submitted by Betsy Kubisz)

Just because you’re enjoying some spooky Halloween treats does not mean that it’s safe for your pets to do the same….notably candy and gum!  Candy, especially chocolate, and gum, especially sugar-free using xylatol, can be toxic (poisonous) to your pets.  You’re pets are attracted to the smell but do NOT let them eat it!  It is much better to celebrate the holiday with some pet-friendly treats.  Why not have a box of doggie biscuits handy or cat treats when answering your door?  No doggie biscuits?  Try some baby carrts – nice and orange for Halloween!  Many of your trick-or-treaters may bring along their 4 footed friends, so be ready.

 Don’t forget when your little ones come home with their bags of candy to put it out of the way (that is, if its’s not already gone) so that your pet does not help itself once all humans are in bed for the night.  Putting it out of the way is not leaving it on the table or counter.  Pets’ sense of smell is many times stronger than humans so make sure it is in a locked cabinet or in the refridgerator or microwave where you are certain your pet can not get to it.  Day after Halloween is a popular day for the veterinarians – lots of sick tummies!

If for some reason your pet DOES get into the treat bag, save the wrappers (whats left of them) and call your veterinarian right away to see what should be done.  Don’t wait an hour or 2 to decide.  Some of the ingredients in these treats can cause serious harm to your pet in a very short time.  Your veterinarian will be glad to advise you on the best method of treatment. 

Be safe and have a spooktacular Halloween!!!!

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