Icy Morning

We all woke up to terrible ice covering everything!  Just a reminder to use pet and child safe ice melt products and even when you use those it is still important to rinse and dry the paws of your pets after they have walked through these areas.  If they lick the “salt” from their paws it potentially could irritate their mouth.   Additionally the “salts” can irritate the paws as well. 

Most of the staff was unable to make it to work this morning.  We called our scheduled appontments and moved them to this afternoon or another day.  What normally takes me 30 minutes to travel to work took 1 hour and 20 minutes.  I did make it ok only to arrive at Oak Hill “Skating Rink”.  Our parking lot was / is solid ice.  They have yet to salt it but I am told the crew is on their way.  I was able to use our sidewalk salt to cover the walks and some of the parking area.  When I left to go to the feed store for more salt I had to make 2 attempts to leave.  The first one found me sliding down hill toward the snow bank at the edge of the parking lot.  Good thing the bank is there otherwise I would have slid into some trees. 


Do be careful out there.

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