Identify your pets!

It is so important to have your pets identified so that if they become lost they can be readily returned to you .  This week we had a Dachshund/Hound mix brought to our office.  The lady found it wandering the street.  She had checked at several houses in her neighborhood and had posted signs.  The dog has no tags or collar and we scanned it for a microchip and it had none as well.  I am sure this dog belongs to someone.  It appears well cared for and is very friendly.  Micro-chipping is relatively painless for the pet and can be performed when your pet is neutered/spayed while it is asleep so they don’t feel it.  This is a means of permanent identification so that lost pets can be quickly returned to their owners.  So, if your pets have not been micro-chipped, I encourage you to do so.  It might just save your pet from going to a shelter and perhaps being euthanized.

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