Medical Surgery Imaging

Major Medical

Laboratory Diagnostic Testing:

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality veterinary medical services to your pet! Many routine diagnostic tests are available in our state of the art in-clinic diagnostic laboratory. Results are often available before the end of your visit with us. If the testing procedure requires a longer time to complete, you will receive a personal phone call on all laboratory test results not available during your visit.

Advanced, specialized diagnostic services are available from our nationally recognized reference laboratory. Depending upon the tests these results are available usually in 24 to 72 hours. Once again, you receive a personal update on all results. National Specialty Board Certified veterinary consultants are available to review results when needed.


Should the need arise, we provide major supportive care for those pets in need of hospitalization. If 24 hour supervision is necessary we refer those patients to our nearby emergency Veterinary Center for all night observation and care. Your pet’s well being and recovery is our number one priority! Owners of hospitalized patients will receive a twice daily personal update by the Doctor on duty. Our clients are to be fully informed and continually updated in order to minimize your concern and worry when your pet is away from home. Visiting your pet during its hospital stay is dependent upon the condition of your pet and the nature of its illness. Sometimes a visit helps the pet recover and we encourage visitation. At other times it is too upsetting and stressful and actually slows your pets recovery and in those instances we will explain this to you.

If your pet warrants specialized diagnostics beyond the scope of our practice we readily refer you to the appropriate specialists for further evaluation without delay. We are here to address any medical need your pet may have and to support you along the way as together we meet your pet’s medical challenges.



Surgical services are available for all routine procedure by appointment. Prior to surgery your pet will receive a complete physical examination as well as age appropriate pre-surgical laboratory test to evaluate your pets readiness for surgery as well as to determine if there may be underlying diseases that may have a negative impact upon your pet. If such conditions are unveiled, appropriate treatments and/or precautions are implemented to minimize the risk to you pet.

Prior to surgery you will receive a written estimate of the cost for anticipated surgical services. Some emergency surgical procedures and non-routine elective surgeries are performed as well. Those procedures beyond the scope of our practice are readily referred to the appropriate specialist.

All surgical patients receive pre-emptive pain medications. This means we give your pet medications not only to relieve pain but more importantly to PREVENT PAIN from ever starting in the first place. Pre-emptive –preventive–pain management allow us to more easily control post-operative pain in your pet and aids in a more rapid, complete recovery. During your pet’s surgery we continuously monitor its electrocardiogram, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, central body core temperature and respiratory rate. This allows our registered veterinary technicians and surgeons to precisely manage your pet while anesthetized. When surgery is completed you will receive a phone call from us letting you know your pet is in recovery where it is under direct, constant supervision and monitoring until it is fully recovered from anesthesia.

When you come to take your pet home from surgery you receive complete, personalized written discharge instructions for home care for your pet. In addition you also receive follow-up, well being telephone calls to insure all is well during the recovery period at home. We want to insure that recovery goes as comfortably as possible for you and your pet!

When surgery is necessary we want you to be fully confident that we provide a surgical service that will be safe, minimally painful to your pet, lowest anxiety possible for you and your pet, and to have you and your pet realize a successful surgical outcome!




Advanced diagnostics are critical to an early, accurate diagnosis. Our state of the art Computer Assisted Digital Radiography system allows us to provide the highest quality radiographic imaging to you and your pet. Our system allow us to evaluate any pet, from the largest of dogs to the tiniest of kittens and everything in between. With this system we can also evaluate our dental patients to visualize the integrity of the teeth and underlying tissues. This enables us to detect dental disease much earlier and to help prevent major dental problems and additional pain for your pet in the future.

The range of diagnostic capabilities on our system allows us to provide maximum information with the least amount of stress to you and your pet. In the event there is a need for review of you pets results by a Board Certified Veterinary Radiology Specialist, the information can be electronically transmitted to them and they in turn transmit their evaluation to us. This allows for rapid turnaround and enables us to make a diagnosis for you in a more timely fashion. Radiography results can also be copied onto a cd for you if you so desire. In addition, Computer Assisted Radiography is environmentally friendly in that it uses no films or developing chemicals that add to the debris in our environment.


In some instances we need more than radiography to evaluate your pet. We have onsite ultrasound service available on a scheduled basis. Specialized technicians come to our office and perform the ultrasound. Owners often are encouraged to be present during the examination. The results are evaluated by a Board Certified Radiologist and returned to us in1-2 days. This service has been valuable addition to the services we provide to our clients.

Our veterinary imaging services are a part of the many tools that assists us in maintaining optimal health and happiness for you and your pet.