New Oak Hill Animal Clinic online pharmacy and store

We are pleased to announce that we will have our own online pharmacy and store available for use in the next 6-8 weeks.   You will enjoy all the benefits of the mega stores such as Pet Meds, etc but with a MAJOR exception and benefit… all the medications will be fully backed by the manufacturer through our store.  This is something that does not occur with Pet Meds, etc.  There are numerous accounts of bogus medicines and placebos coming through these outlets.  None of the manufacturers of the medications will stand behind their products sold through these sites for this reason.  We have joined with Webster Pharmaceuticals and they have secured the backing of all manufacturers so that any products purchased by you through our store is fully back by the manufacturer.  This is a no brainer…………..same convenience, competitive pricing, same shipping and a major advantage, you have  the full manufacture backing of their product.  We will announce very soon when our store is open for your use.  We are very excited as this is the delivery system of the future for veterinary medicine.  Once again, Oak Hill Animal Clinic is setting the pace for excellence in veterinary care with a warm personal touch!  We want only the BEST for our clients and their pets.  We won’t settle for anything less and you shouldn’t either!

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