Office Safety and Common Courtesy

When you bring your pet to the veterinary clinic, safety is a concern.  Many times I see cat owners carry in their pets in their arms, no collar or leash.  We have had 2 occasions where a cat, loose in the car, escaped from the car upon arrival at our clinic.  The cat never made it into the clinic.  In one instance the cat found its way home after 5 days.  Sadly, the other cat was never found.  Cats loose in a car are also a driving hazard. You never know when they may become excited thus distracting you and causing a traffic accident.  Please have your cats secure in a carrier.  This protects it in the car if there is an accident.  Secure the carrier with a seat belt so that it does not become an airborne object during a crash.  Having a carrier prevents escape from your auto.  Additonally I have had clients holding their cat on their lap or shoulder in the waiting area when a dog shows up for its appointment.  The cat, already on high alert, freaked out and bit the owner on the neck.  You must remember that your usually sweet, affectionate cat from home is now in a totally new environment and will not act the same as he/she does at home.  So, for everyones safety and peace of mind, ALWAYS have your cat in a carrier anytime he/she is transported outside the home.

For our dog owners,  always have your pet on a leash and collar, under control.  This does not include a 16 foot flexilead that allows your dog to explore the waiting area while you are answering questions at check in or check out.  You never know what will be coming through the door and your pet could be injured or injur another pet entering the area.  It is just common courtesy to not let your pet run all over the area.  Not every dog or person is comforatable with strange dogs running up to them.  Keep your dog on a short leash, by your side.  If you have a highly excitable dog, one prone to barking at other dogs or strangers then try to position your pet out of eyesight of other dogs.  Controlling the vision lines of dogs is the easiest way to prevent them from becoming excited and barking at other dogs, especially in a strange environment. 

We love your pets and want only the best for them.  This includes a safe and enjoyable visit to our facility.  So please keep these tips in mind to protect your pets and to make your fellow clients visit to our facility a safe so that everyone has a pleasant visit.

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