Puppy Kindergarten

What is puppy “kindergarten” and why should my puppy attend? Valid questions indeed! Puppy “Kindergarten” is another term for puppy socialization or early learning classes.. All animals go through critical phases in their life where learning is enhanced and behaviors become engrained. Puppies are no exception. Your puppy is in the most critical developmental period of its life. He needs to be exposed to activities that provide an appropriate level of socialization and interaction. Puppies also need to be given clear information on their behavior, good and bad, starting from the day they are brought home.

As children develop, their brains are formed by the environment around them. An enriched environment enhances the child’s ability to learn. Pre-school and Kindergarten for children are where they learn social skills and where a foundation for future learning begins. ABC’s, Numbers, Colors, etc are introduced at these very early stages of development. These classes give our children an advantage for learning later in school and the benefits are with them throughout their entire life.

Puppy kindergarten/socialization classes serve the same purpose for your puppy. A puppy that grows up in an enriched environment, has positive mental stimulation, interacts with fellow puppies and non-familiar humans has an edge later in life over puppies who grow up isolated in their homes from the outside world. Puppy socialization classes are designed to help you, the owner, raise an emotionally sound puppy into a confident, well adjusted adult. Emotional stability in uncertain situations is very important for all dogs and their owners. Puppy kindergarten gets you started in the right direction. You learn how to reward appropriate behavior and discourage or ignore unwanted behaviors. Additionally, your puppy interacts with other puppies of similar age so that they teach each other proper dog “etiquette”. Only a dog can teach another dog what is appropriate behavior in a group setting. People can not teach this to the dog. This is why group sessions are so important. Your puppy has the chance to interact with other puppies in an environment outside their home. This is also critical for building a foundation for a well adjusted adult dog.

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