Spring has Sprung

A quick little note to welcome Spring. Winter has been long and everyone is excited about getting outside and enjoying the warm weather.

Some things to consider when it comes to your pet’s health with the coming warmer weather. Mosquitos will be here soon (I have even seen a couple already) so be sure to get your dog on heartworm prevention. We recommend every month giving heartworm prevention even through the winter but we realize some of you discontinue use due to the less likely chance of contracting the disease in the winter months – well now is the time to start back again if you did discontinue prevention in the winter months. We would also recommend a heart worm test to be sure your dog did not contract heartworm during the winter months. Also with the ground being wet and warmer weather coming intestinal parasites will be more prevelant as well – our heartworm prevention does help with several types of intestinal parasites so it is one more reason to be giving your pets monthly heartworm prevention.

Have a great Spring! The weather is going to be great.

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