Thundershirts……………Do They Work?

Many of you have probably heard of “Thundershirts” for use in dogs with anxiety issues.  Do they work?  We have found that in most cases they do give the dog some relief from the anxiety.  The shirt works by supplying even contact with the body over the top of the shoulders and the chest cavity.  These areas of the body, when gentle even pressure is applied, does tend to exert a calming effect upon the wearer.   They are appropriate for noise fears such as thunderstorms and fireworks but they are also helpful for other anxiety inducing situations for example, separation anxiety.

Do not expect the Thundershirt to work miracles.  Your pet should experience some relief but may not be totally relaxed as it would in a non-anxiety inducing situation.  In addition to using the thundershirt, behavior modification exercises may be needed as well to retrain you dog how to act in these stressful situations.  A very good resourse/book is Victoria Stillwell’s “It’s Me or The Dog”.  This is an excellent training guide for basic training and it also has a section dealing with problem behaviors.  Also remember that Thundershirts have a money back guarantee.  Our experience with Thundershirts has been that they are 70 o 75% effective.  So if your dog is afraid of storms and fireworks, consider using a Thundershirt.


  1. dee o'connor says:

    my 8yr baby girl is terrified of storms or loud rain i got her a thundershirt and it is worth its weight in gold
    i would recomend it to anyone

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