Tick Season Is Here

Spring is here and along with it comes tick season.  Ticks are activated by cool moist weather and they harbor many diseases that can threaten the health of your pets.  Now is the time to use tick prevention medications.  The topically applied medications are excellent repellents in addition to killing the ticks should they attach.  Always check your dog or cat for ticks after it comes in from being outside, even if they are in your own back yard.  Always check yourself for ticks as well.  Ticks can drop from trees and shrubs onto your pet.  If you find a tick attatched, remove it being careful to remove the head as well.  Tweezers work well.  Cleanse the area with soap and water and apply an antiseptic ointment such as neosporin.  Observe the area daily for 4-5 days.  If you notice any increased redness or swelling, consult your veterinarian.  Once the weather warms and gets dryer, ticks generally are not much of a problem but then we move into flea season.  In the autumn months there can be a resurgence of ticks when the weather again turns cool and damp (September/October).  Year round protection from fleas and ticks is the best and also have your pet tested for heartworms and tick borne diseases annually to insure they are not infested with serious, life threatening organisms.

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