Wellness Philosophy

Man with Golden Retriever

Wellness is a term being tossed around a lot these days and it can be confusing.  What is meant by the term “wellness”?   Simply stated it is doing all that we can to maintain your pet at its highest level of health and happiness during its lifetime.  

A wellness program includes:

  1. Periodic health exams for early detection of disease
  2. Proper nutrition and weight control
  3. Early, thorough socialization for your pet to enhance emotional stability.
  4. Age appropriate laboratory testing for disease/parasite prevention.
  5. Dental examination to prevent tooth loss and serious illness that can originate from oral infections.
  6. Preventive treatments to protect from heartworms, fleas, ticks, ear mites, lice, and mange.
  7. Only those vaccines that are deemed necessary for your pet’s protection as well as that of your family.  We determine when your pet is responsive to a vaccine and only then do we recommend it.  Over vaccination can lead to serious health problems for your pet later in its life.  We will formulate a plan that maximizes your pet’s health and protection while minimizing negative side effects that arise from over vaccinating our pets.

         Our goal is to provide individualized attention for you and your pet so that together we formulate the best approach to maximizing your special friend’s health and total well being so that you realize many years of enjoyment together!

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