When is the best time to treat for fleas?

Flea season is here!  There are a number of great products that pevent infestations from establishing.  The time to “treat” for fleas is before your pet has a problem.  A single flea can lay hundreds of eggs which fall onto your carpets and floors and before you know it fleas are established in your house.  Once this occurs it can take months to get them gone.  Fleas are insects and once they form the pupa stage they can be dormant for several months until moisture and temperature conditions or just right and then they hatch out in your house.  THERE IS NO PRODUCT THAT KILLS/CONTROLS THE PUPA STAGE OF THE FLEA LIFE CYCLE.  This is why keeping them out of your home is critical.  I recommend comfortis for dogs.  It is a once monthly chewable tablet that kills fleas for 30 days.  It is also available in combination with heartworm prevention in a product called Trifexis.  There are topicals available as well.  These too can be found in a heartworm/flea combination product.  What about cats?  Even if your cat is indoors, fleas can be carried in on your clothing or they can also hop into the home from outside.  Opossums and ferral cats are the number one source of fleas for dogs and cats.  They raom at night and the flea eggs drop from them and the next thing you know, you have fleas around your home.  If you have dogs and cats then your dog can carry fleas inside and they hop off and then feed on your cat.  Even if your dog is on flea control products, the flea is not instantly killed and those that hop onto your cat can feed and lay egss and once again you have a flea infestation.  ALL CATS AND DOGS IN THE HOME NEED MONTHLY FLEA CONTROL PRODUCTS!   So, the time to “treat for fleas” is all year long to keep them out of your home and to protect you and your pets from flea bits.

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